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Why COB would be main stream of the led light source

At present, there are two ways to make big power led lighting into reality. One is to pack one big power led chip; The other is pack with several chips together. For the previous one, with the development of chip technique, the size becomes bigger and the quality is improved. It can makes big power led by increasing the current to make it come true. But meanwhile, it would be limited by the size of the chip. The latter one is more flexible and with better development potential. It can change the chip quantity according to different brightness and it is with very high price-performance rate. These all makes it to be the main stream of the led light source.
The characteristic of led integrated package
Integrated package is called multiple chip package. The chip quantity is based on the power. It can be integrated to pack as 1W, 2W, 3W, etc big power led light source. And then, use high refractive index material to pack by the optical design. Its special package theory makes it with many advantages. For example:
1. As the R&D of big power chip in our country is week, adopting integrated package is a short-cut. It is more compliant with our country.
2. The chips can be designed to be in series or in parallel. It can be suitable for different voltage or current, making the design of the driver more easily and increase the light effect and reliability.
3. The chip quantity on the base can change flexibly. It can be pack as point light source or area light source according to the requirement of the clients.
4. The chip lays on the base directly, reducing the heat resistance. It makes the cooling more easy.
But there are some disadvantages of integrated package:
1.Many chips are integrated on one base, it makes the light source big.
2.Several chips are integrated together in series or in parallel. Its reliability is worse than single chip. It will affect the whole light source.
3.Though the cooling condition of multi chips package is better than single chip, the difference of radiating among different chips would affect the temperature of different chips. This will affect the lifetime, so the heat conduction is very important.
4.Second optical design. The beam angles of chips are different. Second optical design is necessary based on first optical design.